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Northland Cares Hosts World AIDS Day

     The theme for World AIDS Day 2012 is "Getting to Zero." While global progress is being made, there are still areas where, for a variety of reasons, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is getting worse. World AIDS Day will be on December 1st 2012. Northland Cares will be hosting 3 events on November 29-30th in Prescott, Arizona. As Northland Cares VISTA member, I am helping spread the word and organize the events. World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987, with the first official celebration on Dec. 1, 1988. Since 1995, the President of the U.S. has made a proclamation each World AIDS Day. Worldwide 40 million people are estimated to be infected with HIV and 90% do not know of their infection. Young people aged 13-29 accounted for 39% of all new HIV infections in 2009. HIV and AIDS are ongoing pandemics and awareness needs to be made to stop the spread and stigma of the disease. HIV/AIDS does not discriminate against age, gender, race or socio-economic status; everyone should help with the fight against HIV!

Striving for Zero
By Shana Cozad

     "Why would current generations of "normal people" want to walk that path of having AIDS or HIV? Why would they want to risk losing family, friends, possibly their jobs and housing? I know it's illegal for employers to fire you for being HIV positive. It's also illegal for people to drive drunk. It still happens. So while our torches are still lit, while we still have the will and the drive to parade, to campaign, to speak our truth, listen. Listen well. ZERO is achievable.

Commemorate World AIDS Day 2012 at one of these local community events:

HIV Educational

Event- Prescott United Methodist Church/Esther Hall

Thursday November 29th 6:00PM

Special guest speaker Dr. Fisher from Phoenix, AZ

Snacks and drinks provided

AIDS Walk/Walk of Remembrance Prescott Court House Square & Community Remembrance at Prescott United Methodist Church

Friday November 30th  5:30PM

AIDS Walk will meet at 5:30PM on the Prescott Court House North Stairs & Remembrance begins at 6:30PM. Prescott United Methodist Church, 505 West Gurley Street.

AmeriCorps VISTA Member Jennifer Gosnell serving with Northland Cares  

Benefit Concert with Live Local Musicians, El Charro, Friday November 30th from 4-10PM

120 North Montezuma Street, Prescott

Requested $5.00+ Donation at the door = Happy hour 4-10PM & Raffle ticket

Wreath Sale- Displayed the month of November/ December

Our wreaths are currently displayed at the following locations:

El Charro Restaurant & Bar, El Gato Azul, Pasquale’s Place, Iron Springs Cafe

Published on December 05, 2012 by Alex Finnarn.

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