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Introducing Prescott Unified School District Family Resource Center

AmeriCorps VISTA Samantha Lopez tells us about the Prescott Unified School District Family Resource Center and the great services they provide and will provide to students in need. 

“What is a Family Resource Center?” - I get asked this question frequently, despite the description being contained in the title - it’s a place (center) where families can come to receive resources.

However, most people want to know more than the definition. The details of our particular Family Resource Center (FRC) here in Prescott include providing school supplies, hygiene supplies, and clothing to students in need. We will also offer free tutoring, referrals to other services in the area, and workshops for parents. This is in future tense because the FRC is still in set-up and organization phase, but we are aiming to be up and running soon.

Prescott has a wide array of nonprofits offering a host of different services. Combing through resource guides to determine where to go for a particular need can be a daunting task. The FRC will serve as a bridge between services offered and clients in need of those services. By supporting families and students, rather than spending time and energy on finding ways to have basic needs met, they will be able to devote more to school. Ultimately, the resource center’s goal is to close the achievement gap between low income students and their higher income classmates.

Published on September 18, 2015 by Spencer Brown.

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