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Sylvia Yakoo Reflects On 9/11 Day of Service

       Fourteen years ago, 9/11 was a tragic day for our nation, but this year we found a way to do some good on that day. Higher Ground is a youth resource center that provides tutoring and after school programming for 102 students. Prior to our project, its walls were bare and isolating. Giving off a feeling of being trapped. Which is not ideal for a friendly and family oriented learning environment. We soon realized the best way we could give back would be to give the youth there something they would love and appreciate. We banded together as a community and as different organizations and made the decision to paint four beautiful murals and a classroom. With so many volunteers the walls came to life.

      With such great people supporting each other, the tasks did not seem like much of a job. Using everyone’s strengths we finished in no time. Everyone was ecstatic with the outcome and we could not ask for more. When the students finally got to see the murals and the classroom they were so overjoyed. Everyone picking their favorite walls and enjoying how much brighter the halls and classroom looked now. We are even considering bringing out beanbags to the hallways, so the students can enjoy the beautiful artwork as they read and play. There now exists so much potential for the students to be inspired to learn and grow.  

Published on September 21, 2015 by Spencer Brown.

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