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Meghan Davidson's Alumni Story

My name is Meghan Davidson. I served with Arizona Serve in 2013-2014 at Easter Seals Blake Foundation (ESBF) with an amazing team of coworkers working with The Incredible Years parenting program by doing community outreach and program evaluation. I am currently attending the University of Tennessee to get my Master of Science in Social Work and I am working and interning at Partners with Families and Children in Spokane, WA. My time with ESBF showed me how much I love and would like to continue working with kids with behavior issues and surprised me with how much I enjoyed working with parents on parenting skills. I am lucky enough to be at a place where I get to continue doing both. Without AmeriCorps and Arizona Serve I would not have the skills, confidence, or experience to be doing what I love every day.

Published on March 10, 2016 by Spencer Brown.

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