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Katee Norris' Alumni Story

Hello, my name is Katee Norris and I was a VISTA in Prescott, Arizona from 2012-2014. I worked as a VISTA at Prescott Area Shelter Services, known then as Prescott Area Women's Shelter. The focus of my project was to assist in starting a family shelter, which at that time in 2012, was to be the first family shelter in Northern Arizona.

I was in charge of outreach and grant writing for the shelter. I did as many presentations, radio shows and outreach activities as I could while teaching myself how to write grants for the first time. I enjoyed working at the shelter so much that when my second VISTA year ended I accepted a full time position at the shelter as Program and Outreach Manager where I am still working today. This job allowed me to also become a case manager at the family shelter I helped to create, as well as continue my grant writing, outreach and occasional volunteer coordination. 

My VISTA experience made me realize what I always knew about myself; my passion for social services. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work as a VISTA in Prescott, AZ and then to stay at the shelter I helped create, as well as the women's shelter that was already in place. It was a wonderful opportunity that I would not trade for the world because on top of the VISTA position, I made incredible lifelong friends that were working as VISTAs at other places.

Published on March 09, 2016 by Spencer Brown.

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