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“Fiesta De Los Guerreros: Building a Community Together!” By Catherine Mark

It is 3:00 pm on Friday, April 15th. The wind lightly spreads the aroma of cotton candy and tamales. The sound of Mariachi music is in the background. The courtyard of Pueblo Magnet High School is filled with students gathering at the various booths to set up for what the Pueblo community calls Fiesta De Los Guerreros (FDLG).

FDLG is the biggest annual fundraising event for Pueblo’s clubs. Despite admission being free, the event generates a lot of proceeds, all of which benefit the clubs at Pueblo, by having over thirty booths selling items ranging from Sonoran hot dogs to candy apples. FDLG offers the community a chance to visit Pueblo, see the students from the feeder schools perform their talents, and enjoy some good food.

Unlike previous fiestas, AmeriCorps members from Arizona Serve had a table to share information about the Tucson Community Schools Initiative, which Pueblo is a part of along with seven other Tucson high schools

The Tucson Community Schools Initiative builds a community that helps the school succeed with four focuses. One is mentoring the students to develop a personalized goal of going to college or onto a career after high school. Another is resource nights allowing the community to visit the site to receive services and view the school grounds. Another is school based programming and services, mostly offered after school, which allow agencies to provide a variety of school-based services. Lastly, inviting guest speakers into the classroom, such as CommunityShare, Clubs to Wildcats, or Take Charge Cats.

Synchronizing these four focuses is building a community together.

Pueblo’s FDLG not only gave the 16 AmeriCorps members that participated the chance to share about the Tucson Community Schools Initiative, but also the chance to understand Pueblo’s culture. By experiencing the beautiful Folklorico dancers, the amazing Mariachi performers, and the delicious food sold at the booths, the members developed a better understanding of the big picture at Pueblo Magnet High School. In essence, FDLG gave the members that participated the opportunity to have fun, to learn, and to lend a hand all on the same day.

Published on April 20, 2016 by Spencer Brown.

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