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"Communication" By Ryan Jones

When first joining the Community Schools Initiative, I was asked to fulfill the role of Communications Coordinator. In learning how to do so, the work before me involved developing tools and systems that would ensure the proper transfer of information among all stakeholders across the initiative. But, what does the word mean? Communication. What is it and why is it important?

The stream of thought that arises within my mind when I place the word communication before it can be described as follows: it is the approach taken by an individual to translate the content and meaning of their thoughts, through text or through speech, in a way that resonates with the recipient in a manner similar to the feelings associated with the origination of the thought in the communicator.

But what does this mean for the Tucson Community Schools Initiative? How does it relate? There are quite a few reasons why communication is important for the initiative, the first of which being that it shores up a shared vision, which in turn serves to amplify genuine enthusiasm and a sense of interlocked responsibility in carrying out the work necessary to ensure its success. By highlighting successes in our bi-weekly internal newsletter, our team brings together stakeholders in sharing in the excitement of and appreciation for the tangible results of the initiative. Together, we are able to see what lies ahead for the initiative, in the form of planned, upcoming projects as well.

For the initiative, the aspect of communication that keeps a diverse range of constituents uniformly informed is paramount. Through the creation of a comprehensive communications plan, key tools and strategies have been outlined which are designed to do just that. As we move forward, we intend to develop these tools, which include a stand-alone website, the formation of a speaker’s bureau, the strengthening of our newsletter, and the attraction of earned media opportunities. All of these strategies are intended to function as integral, complementary components of the entity that is the Tucson Community Schools Initiative communication strategy.

We aim for an end result that will foster an atmosphere of shared vision, unity, and comprehensive knowledge that will boost the effectiveness of our program across all metrics. We enjoy the unique success that we have been able to achieve in conjunction with our key stakeholders in the schools and within our partner organizations, and we look forward to building upon these successes for a strengthened and amplified ability to achieve additional success well into the future of this program.

Published on June 17, 2016 by Spencer Brown.

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