Caroline Wright is a first-year VISTA, serving as the Program Development Specialist at PMHDC Southwest Medical Aid (PSMA), a Tucson non-profit that provides medical equipment and medical supplies free of charge to qualified charitable organizations for their clientele. 

From a Mile High Life in Finance to VISTA

Hailing from metro-Denver, CO, Caroline graduated from University of Colorado – Boulder with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance, followed by an M.A. in Accountancy at Colorado State University. After receiving her degrees, she spent 3.5 years as an accountant at a for-profit organization near Denver. However, she felt compelled to move toward the non-profit sector and, ultimately, found AmeriCorps VISTA to be that opportunity. After searching locations that would help her avoid the winter, Miami and southern California included, Caroline decided to join AmeriCorps in Colorado’s Four Corners neighbor, Arizona.

Providing Organizational Impact and Continuity for the Tucson Community

This redirection by Caroline has provided great benefits to PSMA, Arizona Serve, and the Tucson community. Besides providing a positive attitude and technical expertise, her most tangible contributions have come from grant writing. She has raised nearly $80k for PSMA, money that will directly contribute to the organization’s ability to assist people with disabilities in southern Arizona.

However, Caroline’s tenure with Arizona Serve will not finish after the end of her term in August. A new VISTA partner site with Arizona Serve, MicroCare, will bring her skills and expertise on board as the non-profit’s Financial Wellness Coordinator VISTA, an opportunity she will use to both serve the Tucson community and develop her non-profit financial management knowledge. All of this experience will undoubtedly be used once she receives her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license!

What About You?

Wondering what to do after high school or college? For a gap year? Looking for a career redirection, like Caroline? Or are figuring out what to do after retirement? Serving as an AmeriCorps member through Arizona Serve could be the right thing for you! 

Or do you want to grow your non-profit? Do you need help with accessing or developing non-profit resources? Hosting an Arizona Serve member like the PSMA and MicroCare might be the right start for you!