Justin Nyetrae gained valuable skills in his two part-time state terms with Arizona Serve as a workforce readiness facilitator, first in 2015 and then in 2016. After getting hired by U.S. Vets, the organization he served with, he now has moved on to supporting AmeriCorps members and their programs as a program officer for Serve Colorado.




Q: What projects did you work on during your service year?

A: I was directly serving veterans experiencing homelessness in U.S.VETS-Prescott’s Career Center. I would assist with Job Clubs, resume and cover letter writing, assist with job applications, and outreach to veterans at the Prescott VA.


Q: What valuable skills did you gain from your time with Arizona Serve?

A: Besides being able to write a great resume and cover letter, the skills to work with vulnerable, underserved, and diverse populations were by the far the most valuable I gained from my AmeriCorps service. Being able to see nonprofits, government, and community partners collaborate and communicate was equally as valuable of an experience. I took away skills just from listening and watching everyone work.


Q: What have you gone on to do since your AmeriCorps term?

A: Shortly after my second year of AmeriCorps I was hired on by my host site, U.S.VETS-Prescott. I later moved and became the Workforce Coordinator for U.S.VETS-Phoenix. Over the course of a year as Coordinator in Phoenix, our team provided employment services to over 150 veterans.

But now, I am back in national service, working as a Program Officer for Serve Colorado; the Governor’s Commission on Community Service. Serve Colorado empowers community-based organizations to meet locally identified needs through service and volunteerism. We work with all the AmeriCorps State programs in Colorado.


Q: What words of wisdom would you give to members currently serving?

A: Throughout my time working in employment services, I have learned from dozens of employers that marketing yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. Translating your skills is key. Know your impact, and be able to relate your AmeriCorps experience to any job. National service is naturally selfless, so often times we do not think of what impacts us, but it’s important to understand how your service can benefit you and your future opportunities.

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