How to use this Summer to Advance your Future

School is out for summer and, for some, school just let out forever! Regardless of the category, we fall into, these transitional phases from high school to college and from college into the workforce require us to boost our resumes. There are many ways to beef up an application for college or for an entry-level position but one of the best ways is AmeriCorps.


Luckily for those in the Prescott and Quad-City area, there are a few AmeriCorps positions available for summer, with Arizona Serve. These positions are part-time and only a 12-week commitment. That’s a short time to impact your resume powerfully and set you apart from all the competition.


Check out the benefits of joining AmeriCorps and what positions are waiting for you to take advantage of below.

AmeriCorps as a Resume Booster

AmeriCorps is often regarded as the domestic version of the Peace Corps and provides a way for its members to serve their country by fighting poverty in communities across the Nation. When potential employers, colleges, and grad schools see “AmeriCorps” on a resume or application, it speaks highly of the applicant’s character. It’s something many organizations recognize, appreciate, and seek out.


An AmeriCorps service-learning experience tells a potential employer or organization that the applicant is:


  1. Altruistic
  2. Impact-driven
  3. Highly-motivated
  4. A leader
  5. An action taker
  6. Committed
  7. Adaptable


The list goes on and on but these are just a few of the transferrable skills that come with an AmeriCorps term, not including career-specific skills and experience that can also be acquired through service.


Benefits of a Summer Term


AmeriCorps proves to be the leg up that many of us seek, but there are other benefits to joining as well. Anyone who takes on one of Arizona Serve’s summer positions can expect to receive:

  1. A total of $2,000 paid bi-weekly for the term
  2. A $1,342 education award that can be put towards student loans or future educational plans
  3. 1 on 1 coaching and team training
  4. A Certificate in Civic Leadership and Service through Prescott College (optional)

AmeriCorps Summer Positions in Prescott, AZ

Ready to work smarter for your future, not harder? Check out these amazing positions we have available this summer and apply!


  1. Prescott YMCA- Summer Enrichment Specialist

Members serving in this position will work with students – K-6 – to prevent learning loss. Members will be responsible for planning lessons, executing lessons and activities during camp, and evaluating the success of those lessons.


  1. Prescott Community Nature Center- Summer Program Specialist


Members serving in this position work with title 1 students – K-6 – as a part of an educational and fun summer school/camp initiative. Members will be responsible for maintaining the nature center, creating lesson plans, assisting with activities, designing community programs, and assisting with summer camp programming.


Apply now and get a leg up on your future! Email Mona Stephens at if there are any questions regarding AmeriCorps or these positions.