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Currently, we support 12 VISTAs serving in Yavapai County and 12 VISTAs serving in Tucson at a number of different community benefit organizations. Over the course of their one-year service term, VISTA members provide a wide variety of capacity-building services for local organizations, ranging from community outreach, program design, grant writing, volunteer recruitment  and many other duties.  

Below, you'll find a list of projects the current 2012-2013 Arizona Serve VISTA Team is involved in.  We will have more information on our 2013-2014 VISTA soon!

Current Projects

Boys to Men Mentoring Network (Website)
VISTA Member: Brian Thomason  

Boys to Men looks to serve as a mentoring network to young men providing a turning point in their lives. Brian works with the organization to provide grant writing, customer relationship management implementation, and community outreach among other duties.

Coalition for Compassion and Justice - Weekend Family Food Program (Website)
VISTA Member: Carl Grimes

Carl coordinates the provision of food for needy families in the Quad City area through First Things First and CCJ's Weekend Family Food program. He works to ensure the sustainability of the program by making sure that funding sources are available via grant writing and special events .

Northland Cares - Education/Outreach Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Jennifer Gosnell

Northland Cares works to improve the quality of life of those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS through care and education in the communities we serve. Jennifer serves her organization by increasing the amount and quality of HIV/Aids testing occurring in the community, educating at risk populations about HIV/Aids risks and how to avoid and prevent infection, and increasing general community education about the status of HIV/Aids services and the impact of the disease on the community.  

Yavapai Reentry Project - Prisoner Reentry Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Becca Fealk

The Yavapai Reentry Project works to promote successful reintegration of former inmates in a way that improves community safety by reducing criminal behavior. Becca supports participants, YRP volunteers, and searches for funding to build a permanent service organization for reentering individuals in Yavapai County.

Mountain Institute Joint Technological Education District - MI JTED Mentorship and CTSO Coordinator/Grant Writer (Website)
VISTA Member: Constance Howard

The Mountain Institute Joint Technological Education District creates new opportunities for students in the Mountain Institute District by coordinating resources that will lead to positive growth and change through quality Career and Technical Education. Constance works to increase awareness regarding the MI JTED’s mission, offerings, and accomplishments within the community, create a dynamic, sustainable internship/mentorship program for students, implement procedures to support CTSO programs and student service leadership, and write grants that support and enhance current and future programs and endeavors.

Call to Duty Foundation - Program Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Daniel Jacobs

The Call to Duty Foundation provides returning United States Military Veterans with potent and effective transitional programs and services that actively contributes to their social and professional fulfillment, success, and productivity as they reengage in the civilian society they fought to protect. Daniel works to further develop the Veterans Action Leadership Project by expanding the level of programming, engaging more veterans and developing a sustainable funding model.

Catholic Charities Community Services VITA Program Development Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Ed Arnold

The mission of Catholic Charities Community Services is to help our community’s most vulnerable with solutions that permanently improve lives.  We continuously strive to address the root causes impoverishing our cities’ least fortunate citizens, regardless of background or religion, with compassion and dignity. Ed works to increase the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, helping low-income individuals save money on their tax returns.  

Institute for Sustainable Social Change Civic Engagement, Service, and Leadership Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Jennifer Robertson 

The Institute for Sustainable Social Change is dedicated to supporting efforts aligned with Prescott College’s mission that are aimed at improving the human condition locally, nationally and globally. Jennifer aims to better connect existing organizations and agencies in the Prescott area whose mission it is to improve the community and identify the volunteer needs of these organizations engaging Prescott College students, faculty and staff in meeting these needs.

Prescott Area Women's Shelter - Program Outreach and Development Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Katee Norris  

The Prescott Area Women's Shelter (PAWS) aims to meet people where they are and help get them where they want to go. The shelter provides basic resources to homeless/transitional women and children of Yavapai County. Our facility will be an outreach program by connecting guests to current outside resources. Katee is working to conduct the appropriate research, outreach, and fundraising to put the framework in place for launching family shelter services in the Prescott region through the Prescott Area Women’s Shelter.

Humboldt Unified School District Public Relations & Language Acquisition Director (Website)
VISTA Member: Lisa Garnes  

The Humboldt Unified School District is unified by a commitment from all district stakeholders to a shared purpose of: raising the level of student achievement, focusing on planning for future student needs, and increasing parental and community involvement. Lisa is developing and organizing an articulated, viable, and sustainable district volunteer program for all district sites and departments.

Prescott Alternative Transportation  - Director of Outreach and Development (Website)
VISTA Member: Mari Echevarria 

Prescott Alternative Transportation's mission is to work towards a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly central Yavapai community. Mari is developing PAT's capacity to endure as the voice for the bicycle and pedestrian community and laying the groundwork for sustainable growth of the organization.

Prescott Unified School District Volunteer Program Developer (Website)
VISTA Member: Kiley Charles  

Prescott Unified School District's (PUSD) mission, in collaboration with families and communities, is to educate students by providing a safe and engaging learning environment. Kiley coordinates and supports the development and implementation of district-wide best practices in volunteerism and service for educational environments preschool through 12th grades that support and enhance the academic, social, and youth development experiences for youth in the Prescott community. 

Prescott U.S. VETS - Veteran Activities Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Sarah Kolakowski   

US VETS works towards the successful transition of military veterans and their families back into the community through the provision of housing, counseling, career development and comprehensive support. Sarah is working on the development and implementation of a Veteran Activity Program designed to assist USVI program participants in developing confidence, social skills, and continued sobriety in anticipation of independent living.

Coalition for Compassion and Justice - Business Marketing and Development Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Vanessa Silverstein

The Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) provides vital services, education and advocacy for those living in poverty, leading to self-sufficiency and a fair and just community for all. Vanessa is working to create sustainable revenue streams allowing CCJ to fulfill its mission and expand its services. 

Serve Yavapai - VISTA Leader/Events Coordinator (Website)
VISTA Member: Yanina Rivera

Serve Yavapai's mission is to help build and sustain the efforts of Yavapai County service providers and community members to continually improve the quality of life across the region. Yanina works to recruit, support and train a highly effective cohort of VISTA members leading them in the work of creating measurable and impactful change in the lives of community members and organizations as well as planning several National Days of Service taking place throughout the year.