I hereby nominate Camille Corsino for Supervisor of the Year. Camille is my site supervisor for the community school initiative and public art project. Though in a stature of leadership, through regular communication and collaboration between the both of us, I truly felt like a valued member of a team that was getting things done and done and done some more. Her supervision of the community schools team is regularly admired by all of its members and we are all grateful for being in service with her managerial capacities at the helm.


During these stressful times, Camille has maintained an aura of pleasantry and accommodation. When craziness from quarantine and isolation threatened to boil over and elope rationality, her character has remained strong and supportive in defiance of turmoil.
In the past I have struggled to express myself in a professional manor. More than once, have I been fortunate that this wonderful supervisor has been there to bridge the gaps of communication and provide a beacon of powerful knowledge that is not clouded by tone, profanity, sarcasm, sexism, ageism, or any other ism that subverts the truth in dialog. She is one whose artistry in linguistics is capitalized when she listens, and revealed when her words are spoken and dropped like bombs that stick like knives.

As though by magic, her ability as a supervisor can not be quantified or weighed or turned into data. In our service we are encouraged through self-motivation and independence. Yet these intrinsic qualities are only applicable because of the doors that Camille has opened. My passion has come to life in my service thanks to this wonderful person. The lives who are forever elevated by her operations are many and many owe her gratitude. Thanks be to Camille Corsino!