The Diaper Bank of Central Arizona is a regional leader in providing diaper, female hygiene, and incontinence supplies to the Phoenix Valley metropolitan area. AmeriCorps VISTA, Catherine Demotica, is its principal coordinator of community outreach and engagement. March and April were particularly rewarding months in Catherine’s work, as the prior was highlighted by a very successful fundraising event at Topgolf in Scottsdale and the latter with a volunteer event at Glendale Community College.

Topgolf Fundraiser in Scottsdale

On March 20th, 2022 the DBCA hosted its first Topgolf Charity Event — the largest event in the organization’s history. Catherine was crucial in planning this event alongside the DBCA’s founder, Ginger Clayton, her supervisor, Gabi Young, and their committee chairwoman, Lei Lani Forrest. Catherine created all of the event’s advertising, marketing materials, and raffle/auction item descriptions. She also designed the event’s t-shirts and sponsorship plaques.

The committee recruited 13 event sponsors — including Silverhawk Private Wealth, Accounting and Finance Professionals, and Elontec — and registered 78 guest spots. After a fun-filled evening of Topgolf, the DBCA made over $13,000 in profit! These funds were used to purchase diapers that will support 217 households. It was a great success  and the committee is already planning for next year’s Topgolf Charity Event.

Product Packing Volunteer Event in Glendale

Just a little over a month later, on April 26th, Catherine organized her first community volunteer event by partnering with Glendale Community College (GCC) to host a period product packing drive as part of GCC’s Volunteer Month. The products were received during the DBCA’s first February Love Period campaign that held feminist hygiene supply drives at locations throughout the Phoenix area. Over the course volunteer event’s three hour (10am – 1pm) project, over 20 GCC students, staff members, and community members created 305 feminine hygiene packs, which exceeded Catherine’s goal of 250! 

These products were subsequently delivered to two of DBCA’s local partners, Nourish Phoenix and the Harvest Compassion Center, who will provide their clients with these needed products.

What About You?

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