Why Volunteer on MLK DAY?

Martin Luther King Day is the only holiday in the United States that is considered a National Day of Service. This day is a national call-to-action, encouraging everyone to find a way to be of service to/give back to their communities. “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve,” said the late, great Martin Luther King Junior. The best way to be of service is to volunteer!

Volunteering not only helps the community but is shown to build community, reduce depression, and boost self-confidence all of which are extremely important to maintain in would facing the social and mental effects of COVID.

How To Unleash Your Greatness

At Arizona Serve, we give our AmeriCorps members and the community at large a chance to step into the greatness MLK Jr. spoke about by treating MLK Day as a “day on for service” instead of the “day off” many of us get for the holiday.

Not only do we do that but so do the hundreds of thousands of AmeriCorps members across the county!

Together is the only way we can make the greatest impact in our communities and on those that need it the most. Because of that fact, Arizona Serve is inviting all members of the local community and in communities across the nation to join us in giving back on January 17th, 2022.

We have partnered with serval nonprofits across the Quad-City area to create service opportunities.

We’ve also created serval remote volunteer options so, no matter where you are, you can make a difference and step into the greatness Dr. King knew lives inside you. Click here to sign up for either our in-person events or remote options.

Marching Forward in Love: MLK Day Celebration

If you are in the Quad-City area of Arizona, the best way to honor MLK Day, other than volunteering, is to join the MLK Day celebrations!

There is an MLK Day Peace March that starts at 10:00 AM on January 17th at Prescott College and ends at the Methodist Church on Gurley Street in Prescott Arizona. The march is filled with singing, comradery, and unity.

After the march, there is an MLK Day Ceremony at the United Methodist Church on Gurley Street in Prescott Arizona. The theme of this ceremony is “Marching in Love” and featuring live music and guest speakers including a PUSD high school student. The celebration begins at 11:00 AM.

How will you Honor & Celebrate MLK Day?

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