Our mission is to connect passionate people with transformative community projects to fight poverty.

Our vision is that communities and the individuals who serve them thrive when every person contributes to a sustainable and just existence.

We are an institution that strives to promote equity. We encourage individual positionality and strive to define Our organizational positionality.

What is positionality?

Our identities are critical because they shape our perceptions. They determine our assumptions and our understanding of how others treat us (Bourke 2014). By recognizing our identities and paying attention to our biases, we can work with different groups and recognize their unique circumstances. (Bourke 2014). We would recommend looking at resources from the Anti-racist teaching collective for more materials and further insight. 

What is organizational positionality? 

Staff, members, partners, and organizational stakeholders each have a unique path. Organizational positionality begins to define the inevitable complexities that exist within interconnected entities like Arizona Serve. It is vital to recognize the collective perspective because by acknowledging our own relative power, privilege, and biases we are able to start to move towards equity literacy and increase our own agency accountability (Madison 2005; Gorski, 2020). 

Arizona Serve’s Positionality 

We began as a grassroots effort to support communities and AmeriCorps members. Now we are a small Prescott College staff with dominant and nondominant identities that recruit new members of varying social identities, educational backgrounds, and lived experiences. Thus, our positionality changes yearly. 

On the positive side, our community continues to grow and foster new ideas. On the negative side, we commonly make assumptions about member needs because we have limited time to recognize individuality. Ultimately, we answer to the agencies that fund and support our mission; thus, we walk a fine line between our members and partners.

There are more drawbacks to our model; National Service is rooted in white saviorism, and we risk imposing outside perspectives without community input. We struggle to accommodate citizenship status, income barriers, and reliance on grant funding. We strive to remain aware of the impact of our position and actively work towards operating a member-driven program that intentionally cultivates equity. 

Our values are interlinked and inform our organizational goals that direct our yearly action commitments. This is the mechanism that keeps us accountable to our diverse array of stakeholders.

Our values

We value being part of a nationwide cause that is greater than ourselves and empower members to be changemakers.

We engage with the community through deliberate outreach, partnerships with nonprofits and public agencies, and community-driven initiatives.

We amplify the voices of non-dominant identity groups by confronting inequities with a social justice perspective. 

We strengthen our members for future endeavors through professional development, targeted coaching, and professional networking opportunities.

We recognize the imperfections in our work and will always work towards bettering our communities by constant self-reflection, internal evaluation metrics, and open-door policies to our communities

Our organizational goals
The following goals were finalized by our staff in October of 2020. These goals will be evaluated at each staff meeting to increase shared accountability. New goals that align with our organizational values will be created each August for September publication to inform the program year that follows. For Program Year 2020-2021, Arizona Serve of Prescott College is committed to:

Implement Exit Interviews and Program Evaluation. The Exit Interview will be an opportunity for members to share their perspectives on Arizona Serve’s commitment to our mission, values, and if our programming meets the professional needs of our members. 

Accountability Systems. Arizona Serve prides itself on its members and their service.  We will create and implement recruitment metrics to ensure that our valuable partner sites are matched with members in a timely manner. 

Equity: Arizona Serve will recalibrate the diversity and values statement. We will also assemble a group of stakeholders to make specific recommendations for staff and members expectations and explore the usefulness and purpose of an advisory board.

Improve Outreach: Arizona Serve will extend its traditional outreach to populations and organizations typically underserved in AmeriCorps programming. This outreach will introduce AmeriCorps resources to new communities and promote collaborative problem solving to create new service opportunities that meet the needs of communities and organizations in Pima and Yavapai County. 

Financial Management: Arizona Serve will devote $10,000 total to waiving partnershare to at least two agencies in both regions whose mission is focused on racial and social justice in our communities.  

Competitive Grant Writing: Arizona Serve Program Directors will apply for two competitive AmeriCorps competitive grants to ensure that our programming continues to support vibrant Pima and Yavapai communities into the future.



Our story began in 2006 when several Yavapai County agencies saw a gap in services, so they brought together a small team of AmeriCorps VISTA members to fight poverty in the region. Several members chose to stay after their service year to develop the Yavapai County VISTA Project. In 2009, we became Serve Yavapai and a program of Prescott College, increasing in scope and size to 25 VISTA members.

 During 2013, we expanded to Pima County as well, thus becoming Arizona Serve. We were awarded our first AmeriCorps State and National grant in 2015, which broadened the part- and full-time direct service opportunities available for projects targeting healthy futures, education, and economic opportunities.  Additionally, in 2015, Arizona Serve established a partnership with the Tucson Mayor's office in order to implement the Tucson Community Schools Initiative. This initiative sunsetted in 2020 as it placed members in three school districts and improved high school graduation rates and connected students to college and career opportunities.   

Today, we are a team over 150 strong.  We are proud to have one of the largest and top-performing AmeriCorps projects in the state of Arizona. Our staff, all of whom were National Service members themselves, oversees a collaborative team environment that allows us to support communities in the fight against poverty.

Contact Us

For general questions or information, please contact us at AmeriCorps@arizonaserve.org. For members or supervisors who need to self-report a COVID-19 exposure, utilize this link.

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Consider making a financial contribution to support our AmeriCorps members and general programming.


Celia Robidoux, Executive Director

Values based leadership is at the core of who Celia Robidoux is. Service means a lot to Celia, and she sees it as a great responsibility she carries in her work towards a better community for all. Celia brings her expertise in nonprofit management and human development to her current role as the Executive Director of Arizona Serve of Prescott College. She began her career in the public sector in 2006 by serving and working with Public Allies Arizona, an AmeriCorps program of the ASU Lodestar Center. She is a lifelong learner and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Justice Studies with a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies Certification from Arizona State University. a Certified Professional Integrative Coach, and is a graduate of the American Express Leadership Academy. Celia's service in Tucson involves community-based campaigns and coalitions such Pima County’s first Safety + Justice Community Collaborative, an effort to safely reduce the local jail population, as the chair on Racial, Ethnic, Disparities and Disproportionality committee, and serves on the board of directors for YWCA of Southern Arizona. When not being a facilitator of justice, Celia enjoys spending time with her family and friends; cooking; exploring the landscape and culture of Tucson; and binge watching her favorite shows like Gilmore Girls.

Email: crobidoux@arizonaserve.org
Number: 520-369-3640

Annie Reifsnyder, Director of Training and Member Experience

Annie shifted in to a director role in 2020 and is a Ph.D. candidate in Sustainability Education at Prescott College with an emphasis on experiential service-learning. She received a Bachelor’s degree at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana and majored in Religious Studies with a focus in Islam. A semester abroad in Kenya with the School of International Training propelled her to join the Peace Corps. She served in Benin, West Africa, where she spent one term teaching English and another serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader. After her time abroad, Annie returned stateside and received a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Annie worked in various capacities for the Boys Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee for nearly ten years before turning once again to service, this time AmeriCorps. Annie joined Arizona Serve in 2017 first as an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader and then the Training and Program Manager for the Prescott team. Annie loves to travel far and wide and has recently developed perhaps an unhealthy obsession with the National Parks.

Email: areifsnyder@arizonaserve.org
Number: 520-329-7613

Ann Drazkowski, Operations and State Program Manager

Ann moved to Tucson from Wisconsin in 2015 to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Arizona Serve and stayed on an additional year as a VISTA team leader. She served in both roles with the Community Schools Initiative, and then supported Arizona Serve as a Recruitment Specialist. Ann holds a Master's of Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she developed skills in program evaluation and non-profit management. She is passionate about recruiting talented individuals to serve in AmeriCorps State and VISTA roles and to develop communication strategies that will share the valuable impact Arizona Serve's AmeriCorps members provide to the community.

Email: adrazkowski@arizonaserve.org
Number: 520-230-2155

Sarah Haber, Communication and Program Manager

Sarah got her start in National Service in the summer of 2017 when she moved from New York to Arizona to serve as a VISTA for 2 years. Her first VISTA term was for the Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce serving as the Community Volunteer Program Coordinator. There, she developed an online database to help to local nonprofits connect with people looking to volunteer. She then extended her service for another year and took on the position of the AmeriCorps VISTA Team Leader for Prescott. Sarah was then hired on full time by Arizona Serve and relocated from Prescott to Tucson. She is excited to continue her work with the organization as the Communication & Program Manager!  

Email: shaber@arizonaserve.org
Number: (928) 793-8941

Elaine MacPherson, Training and Youth Program Manager

Elaine MacPherson was born in Pasadena, California and grew up in a small town in the high desert called Acton. Because her parents never took her to the beach as a kid, she decided to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she studied Sociology and History, focusing on poverty policy. Elaine joined AmeriCorps VISTA in 2016, working with Compass Affordable Housing as a program developer and community gardener. After her year of service, she built on her skills in community collaboration to run a homeless prevention program and helped launch the coordinated entry system for homeless prevention services county-wide. She now serves as the Training and Youth Program Manager, where she will implement training curriculum and manage two youth cohorts of service-members. When she is not with Arizona Serve, Elaine can be found cuddling with her dog Niles, watching ALL OF the television on every streaming service, or gardening.

Email: emacpherson@arizonaserve.org

Phone: (520) 369-3178

Andris Rapa, AmeriCorps VISTA and Administrative Program Manager

Ensuring equal access to opportunity for all and protecting the environment for generations to enjoy are what grounds Andris Rapa and has helped guide him in his career. Andris has previously served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Arizona Serve at Higher Ground and managed a VISTA Grant for two years prior to joining Arizona Serve as the AmeriCorps VISTA and Administrative Manager.  In his free time, Andris has been known to travel and sample the local food. Pupusas are his favorite. 

Email: arapa@arizonaserve.org
Number: 520-428-4589

Mona Stephens, AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

Servant leadership and personal development are at Mona Stephens core. The ability to grow and act as a catalyst for change drives every aspect of Mona’s life – especially professionally. Mona brings her expertise in leadership, event planning, and digital marketing to her current role as AmeriCorps Program Coordinator with Arizona Serve of Prescott College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis on social media from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Shortly upon graduation, she relocated to Arizona to join AmeriCorps and has been obsessed with making an impact for the organizations she works with and the community at large. This obsession led her to spend nearly the last two years leading a nonprofit at the director level before transitioning into her current role. Mona spends her free time camping, hiking, blogging, and coaching individuals in the art of confidence so they can make the impact they desire in their lives and communities.

Email: mstephens@arizonaserve.org
Number: 928-350-3223

Allison Doty, Tucson Team Development & Outreach Coordinator 

Allison moved to Tucson in 2016 to study Anthropology at the University of Arizona. During her time in college, she was engaged with non-profits like United Way, Watershed Management Group, and the Tucson City of Gastronomy. She learned about environmental and social justice issues in the Southwest and how various non-profits were combating these problems. She knew she wanted to stay in the area post-graduation and decided to pursue a position with AmeriCorps, eventually landing in the Team Development and Outreach Coordinator position that reflected her desire to get to know the organizations and people working in the non-profit community in Tucson. In her free time, Allison loves discovering new local restaurants and cafes and hiking with her friends.

Email: adoty@arizonaserve.org

Number: (530) 763-2327

Sue Kim, Tucson VISTA Team Leader 

Sue moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2019 from New Jersey to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and El Rio Community Health Center as the Diabetes Care Coordinator. In 2017, she graduated from Montclair State University (NJ) with a BS in Nutrition and Food Science and a minor in Public Health. She fell in love with the southwest culture and the desert landscape as well as the unique Tucson community and decided to stay to continue serving with Arizona Serve as Tucson’s VISTA Team Leader. She is also currently a graduate student with the University of Arizona pursuing a Masters in Public Health. In her spare time, she loves making fun videos and trying out new recipes. In the evenings, she can be found in one of Tucson’s many mountains enjoying the colorful desert sunsets.

Email: skim@arizonaserve.org

Number: 520-428-4694

Carlee Landis, Prescott State Team Development and Outreach Coordinator

Shortly after graduating from Prescott College with a Bachelor's degree in Writing & Literature, Carlee stepped into her role as the Team Development and Outreach Coordinator for AmeriCorps State. This is Carlee's fourth term serving the community of Prescott with Arizona Serve. Previously, she served as a Data Assistant with the Senior Peer Program of the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic and the Historical Librarian for the Prescott Unified School District. She is an enthusiastic, service-oriented dreamer with a passion for helping others on their journey to success. When not in the office, Carlee can be found with her nose stuck in a book, cuddling her cat Bagheera, pursuing a new craft project, or off swimming in a river somewhere chilly and green.

Email: clandis@arizonaserve.org

Number: (872) 256-1778

Sean Stevens, Prescott VISTA Team Leader 

During the day, Sean enjoys solving problems and supporting efforts that tangibly improve the lives and experiences of his fellow man. He views it as a privilege, rather than a responsability, to work to meaningfully better the world. He brings to the table his years of coaching and mentoring experience as well as his prior work with the Prescott Unified School District's volunteer teams. Though he got his start in AmeriCorps shortly after graduating from Case Western Reserve University in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in history, he found the experience fulfilling enough to sign up for another year of punishment in the hope of helping others find their own meaningful experiences. After work hours, Sean is a quintessential dork and a loveable rapscallion. When he's not busy roughing it as a rogue, he enjoys listening to Jukebox the Ghost, watching Community, reading Redwall, and getting trounced by skilled fencers. 

Email: stevens@arizonaserve.org

Number: (520) 276-1802‬