Vista Member Enjoys Making Energy Happen Toward Positive Actions

Auqae Grant, is truly a one of a kind AmeriCorps member- balancing her own company, raising and homeschooling her boys, being a student, and serving she embodies what it means to be a “jack of all trades.” Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Auqae and her family have been residing in Tucson for the past three years. Auqae got involved with AmeriCorps through an email that ended up in her inbox sparking her intrigue, after reading it she resonated with the overall message. “I’m very passionate about being a part of the change I want to see, I love helping where I can, I’m not able to see an unfair situation and sit there for no reason,” said Grant. “If there is something I can do to make a positive difference I want to be involved.” 

Her kind spirit is how she ended up working for AmeriCorps serving at Habitat for Humanity as the Volunteer Coordinator. “I prepare volunteers for them to start their journey through the construction site, at the habitat store, and through administration work. It is my job to just be their support and help them succeed. Habitat for Humanity does so much for the community, so to be able to be a support to these volunteers is so rewarding.” 

Auqae’s focus on community service comes from setting an example for her family. “I want to show myself and my family members that [our situation] is not the norm and we do not have to settle for what we were given, so ultimately I‘ve always strived to be better.” 

Her hope to give back doesn’t just stop at her, it’s a characteristic she wants to imbed in her sons. Apart from her service with Habitat for Humanity, Auqae runs a catering company, and her and her sons can often be found distributing their food to homeless members of our community., “It is important to teach my sons character and integrity, and to be in a position to share what we have. We’re obligated as human beings to give back.” 

Being a Jack-of-all-trades she shared how she is able to balance the load she is carrying. “I’m a very spiritual person, I believe in a higher power than myself, so I pray a lot and meditate a lot. Everyday I show up, and just try to the best of my ability.  Even if I don’t do great the first time around, if the opportunity comes back and presents itself again I’m going to try even harder than I did the first time around. We reap what we sow, energy is everything. If I can say anything that sums up me and who I am and what I represent it is that everything we do is not about me.” 

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