Deciding whether or not you want to attend college can be an overwhelming experience to handle on your own, luckily students in Pima County have the opportunity to discuss these options with mentors like Isaiah. Isaiah currently works at the Tucson Center as the Partnership Coordinator.

“What I do is I help out with planning our newsletter, we have events like bringing the students from Changemaker to Prescott College,” said Isaiah. “Or we hold events at Changemaker just so they can learn information like how to apply for FAFSA, how to apply for college. I usually help out the students from both the elementary and high school side, and I help out the staff members.” 

Isaiah is also getting to experience the connection between Arizona Serve, our partner sites, and Prescott College firsthand with his work at the Tucson Center. “I would say the biggest impact we have here at the Tucson Center are the three students who are in dual enrollment classes, and they are all wanting to go to Prescott College. There was even one student who applied to go to Prescott College for this cycle.”

Isaiah is also looking at going to Prescott College and is thinking of exploring social justice or humanities or adventure education. Attending college impacts your future, and working at a place that centers around career readiness has had a big influence on what Isaiah wants to do in the future.

I see a lot of what I’m doing now impacting my future goals, serving and working here. From grant writing to how to do non-profit run fundraising. I didn’t really know much, just basic generalizations of those ideas without knowing how to do them. Now I can see that helping out in my future skills, with friends/families/associates. I do see it as a big effect.” 

If you’re interested in talking about the next steps of attending college, check out the Tucson Center! If you’re wanting to get involved and serve as a mentor in your community like Isaiah, apply to serve on our website!