Submitted by: Emily Parker, AmeriCorps VISTA, Outreach Coordinator at the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona


Leslie Pike, Manager of Programs and Volunteerism at the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, received the prestigious title of Arizona Serve Supervisor of the Year in 2019. Not one to rest on her laurels, Ms. Pike continues to raise the bar for AmeriCorps supervisors in 2020. In the opinion of current Arizona Serve members Elisabeth Monsma and Emily Parker, Leslie Pike embodies the characteristics of a great site supervisor and deserves a 2020 nomination for Supervisor of the Year!



With frequent check-ins and an open door, Leslie has always demonstrated she sincerely values listening to my questions, concerns and reflections, whether they’re about the task at hand or just adjusting to life in Tucson as a VISTA.



Leslie brings a positively contagious enthusiasm to our work!


Social intelligence

One of Leslie’s greatest strengths is building relationships. The slow work of relationship building is the foundation of successful community outreach, and I’ve learned so much observing Leslie’s interactions with community members.


Leadership development

From day one, Leslie made clear she wanted my year of service to be of value to me as well as to the Diaper Bank. She encourages me to attend trainings and to assume responsibilities that could be opportunities for growth.



Leslie sees novel opportunities for connection and collaboration in our community, and she encourages us to pursue these possibilities. She values the bigger picture and the interconnected nature of nonprofit-sector work.



Even during teleservice, Leslie’s office felt just-next-door. She honors her role as supervisor and mentor by dedicating time and energy to the position.



Working at a small nonprofit with a big mission is not for the faint of heart! For years, Leslie has held a leadership role on staff at the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, and she rises to every challenge with positivity!



Leslie welcomes our fresh ideas, and encourages us to try them out!



Leslie is full of fresh ideas herself, plus she has quite the knack for drawing, gift baskets, and tiny desk art!


Excellent baker!

The icing on the cake: you can count on Leslie to make a cake (or pie, or trifle, or your favorite treat) for your Birthday!